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Brewing beers for over 50 years

Research chemists by day, brewers by night! This is the story of our three brewers Adam, John, and Shane. Hence our motto, “Better Beer Through Chemistry.” The three of them met each other working in research and development at a semiconductor company. In working together, they would speak about brewing beer daily (while still getting work done of course since John was their boss). Among these conversations they would also trade their own home brews offering each other feedback and advice. Then that day came when they were approached to start of a brewpub in the heart of South Norwalk and it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. To brew at a larger scale came naturally to them since all their full-time careers have consisted of formulating and guiding the scale up of highly technical chemistry formulations. As well, between the three of them, there is over 50 years of brewing experience. Since opening, Adam, John, and Shane have been devoted to making the best beer around while perfecting their recipes and it shows.

Another motto you may hear around Iron Brewing Co. is “Everything Craft.” We at Iron Brewing Co. believe in making as much as possible in-house not only with our beer but also with our food. On our menu you will see a New American style that comes from our head chef who is well versed in creating dishes that you will remember. We have become famous for our burgers here in South Norwalk. This is due to the Certified Angus Beef blend that we have custom made just for us which is packed full of flavor and extremely juicy. On top of that, we have our own smoker in the kitchen to smoke our pulled pork bringing about a delightful flavor. We have been in many publications about our wings especially in regards to our secret Maple BBQ sauce. If we do something, we believe in doing it right. We here at Iron Brewing Co. look forward to meeting you and sharing with you what we believe is the best beer and food around!


Head Brewer


Head Brewer


Head Brewer

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